Thank you for cooperating with the Groasis waterboxx experiments.

With this part of the website we offer the possibility to register the growth results of your plantings. You are invited to enter information about the planting place, the local climate conditions, the soil quality, the species that you plant and more. You can register the Temperature with a thermometer and the Relative Humidity with an RH meter and then put the info by hand in the web-based form. You can also use a digital logger with a USB connection to register the temperature and RH, put the USB in your PC and the info will be downloaded automatically into the web-based form. You can find the info about the digital logger in the Manual. You find the button on top of this page. When you finish your trial you are asked to enter the final results. By participating you agree that your results will be made public: in the future visitors can determine the trial places on a world map and enter to the info of this planting place. By sharing the worldwide results of the Groasis waterboxx trials, everybody is able to check what the box’s capacities are and which results you may expect under which circumstances.

Once participating we ask you the following:
Thanks for your cooperation

The AquaPro Team